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  • Monday, August 20

    SKILL: Back Squat-Hip + Knee Timing

    30 Push Up Buy IN
    10 BB Back Squat (no rack)
    15 Box Jump
    x 4 Rounds
    30 Pull Up Buy OUT
    For Time

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  • Friday, August 17

    SKILL: Bar complex to warm up shoulders

    Bear Crawl around the cones
    Run 400
    40 DBUs
    Frog Leap around the cones
    Run 400
    40 DBUs
    x 2 Rounds for Time

    WOD 2: Use the Axle Bar
    G2OH with Axle + 15 Push Ups
    For Time
    (Push Up reps same for all rounds)

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  • Wednesday, August 15 • FRYDAY WOD #3

    WOD 1: 7 Minute AMPAP (As Many Pounds as Possible)
    First, get a buddy— you will work one at a time and help your partner by counting and doing math. Next, make a plan and get your plates set out.

    For 7:00 you will deadlift as many pounds as possible. At any time during the 7 minutes, you may add or subtract weight. You will switch your own plates and use only one bar.

    Score #1: Reps x Weight = Total Pounds

    With the clock still running...
    at the 7 minute mark, everyone stops lifting and runs one 400.

    Score #2: Your total time (7:00 + run)

    WOD 2: Max Hang from Bars. When you drop, time is up.

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  • Monday, August 13

    SKILL: Do IT! The stuff works!

    1000M Row
    10 Bulgarian Split Squats Left
    10 Bulgarian Split Squats Right
    100M Waiter Carry Right
    100M Waiter Carry Left
    Repeat same rep scheme for BSS and WC...
    but reduce rowing each round...
    750M... 500M... 250M

    WOD 2: Work on DBUs for 10 mins

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