No doubt, it’s cool to train hard and get faster at the workout of the day (WOD), who doesn’t want a fast “Fran” or 2K row!? But the very best part of being fit is having the ability to step outside the gym and DO something with your fitness and experience something new and perhaps a bit daring! Maybe it’s accepting the challenge of a bike race, triathlon or 5K. Perhaps it’s going way outside the gym, getting dirty and racing the Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder. Cooler still, take a vacation and try something new while experiencing the wonder of nature. Hike, climb, raft, kayak, scuba dive, whatever!

I recently read that over five million people visit the Grand Canyon each year. A large majority view this wonder from their car! Just over 1% of the visitors ever step below the rim (but hey, at least they got out of the car)! You can take your fitness down into the canyon and experience a one-mile gash in the earth, carved by the Colorado River, that can be seen from space! A park that is greater than 1.2 million acres in size where the temps at the rim can be 25° and 100° at the bottom! Breathtaking views guranteed to change you. WHY would anyone drive to the Grand Canyon and look at from the car? WHY wouldn’t someone walk just a few steps down the easily accessible path to see what most agree is like nothing else on the planet? The truth is, most Americans can’t walk that far or worse, are afraid to try….

Life is meant to be LIVED!

Recently, Fit Pit members have taken their fitness to Mount Rainier, Machu Picchu, Longs Peak, and Blue Glacier at Olympic National Park. At the first sign of snow, one member burns a path between Kansas City and the slopes every weekend while others accept challenges like a 300 mile river race, 100 and 200 mile gravel road bike races, and Ironman; in fact, The Fit Pit has ndearly 50 Ironman finishes in the current membership.

You don’t have to visit a national park or sign up for a 140+ mile race to EXPERIENCE your fitness! Simply take your fitness to the batting cages, golf course, tennis court, or hiking trail! Go water skiing, ice skating or play frisbee golf! Just do something other than WOD! WOD-ing is the way to get ready to DO EPIC THINGS!

Keep an eye out for a blog featuring Fit Pit members and why they WOD.

Written by: Sheryl Hammontree

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