Our programming is planned one to three months in advance; this prevents “cherry picking” the workouts based on preferences and personal bias of the coaching staff. Looking at our programming over a 90 day period allows us to build toward a goal over time through skill work and accessory practice. At the time, it may not be clear why we’re focusing on a specific movement or muscle group, but within a few weeks things fall into place, members achieve success and it all makes sense. No matter the goal, planned skill and accessory work will deliver success and aid in preventing injury.

Our programming is scaleable and every coach is qualified and happy to modify any workout. Pregnancy, old injuries, being a few weeks post-op or a pulled muscle are all reasons to modify your workout, not skip it. Many of our members compete or participate in sports outside of The Fit Pit and need to dial it back or switch things up prior to competition – again, not a problem. Maintaining core strength, hip mobility and upper body strength during competition season is paramount. We’re happy to modify movements to meet your needs.