Doesn’t matter who you are or what day of the week it might be — you’re in a hurry. Society has us wired to get things done quick; promises of getting your pizza within 5 minutes, self-serve coffee with the cups stacked next to the carafe… you get the idea. We owe it to ourselves and our sanity to slow the train down when the opportunity arises. A phrase being tossed about is: “The over-glorification of being busy”. We’ve all done it. While talking to others we cannot resist the opportunity to share HOW BUSY we are. Like it earns us a badge or a shiny medal. Perhaps we do this to justify not returning a call, not following through on a promise… or eating fast food … or… skipping our fitness.  I’m not talking about the simple sharing of how your day may have unraveled, I’m talking about the seemingly addictive power of BEING BUSY.  As if it makes us better than others because we cannot control our own chaos.

As members enter the gym, they wear their stress like a jacket. It’s likely they sat in traffic after getting out of the office later than planned. They feel rushed. Their workout is being crammed between work and evening plans. After a quick change of clothing, athletes walk to the middle of the room and read the board to check out the WOD and within seconds they decide they don’t really need to warm up — they just want to jump in and get started.  When the warm up is skipped, the workout and the ability to recover from the workout are both impacted.

Why do we warm up?
Increasing the body’s core temperature gets muscles, ligaments and tendons warm and ready while also preparing your cardiovascular system. Equally as important is preparing the mind for exercise.  A quick jog, row or series of lunges and plyo metrics will take your mind off the BUSY stuff and get you ready to work. Skipping the warm up can lead to pulls, strains and tweaks which will ultimately take time to heal. Rushing through most things never leads to anything good.

Stretching feels good, just like foam rolling, but it’s NOT a warm up.  Sitting on the floor and reaching for your toes while chatting with another member about your crappy day will not prepare your body or your mind.  If you’d like to stretch, cool. Just do something else to get the body warm.

Open the Fit Pit door and upon entering, take a deep breath. THIS IS YOUR TIME. Claim the promise of knowing when you leave this place, you will feel GOOD for the decision to work out rather than make excuses. YOU are not like everyone else! Change your clothes and get outside—the weather is beautiful. Soak it in. Grab a fellow Fit Pit member and go for a run or walk. Get some sunshine in your face. Get back inside the gym and honor your body as it’s about to do something important. Something that will alter your cranky mood, improve sleep, lead to better nutritional choices, ramp up your metabolism, clear your head and likely demonstrate to you (not others) how excellent you are.

Written by: Sheryl Hammontree

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