No fooling, today, April 1, marks seven years that Joel and I have owned the Fit Pit. In some ways, it feels like maybe 3 or 4 years have gone by and in other ways it feels like I’ve been doing this my entire life. As I locked up after class this morning I glanced back at the gym space and said some gratitudes. I have many…

A supportive husband who values fitness, wellness, friendships—and is willing to build out space more than once or twice.

There is a long list of inspiring and downright awesome people who have been, and still are Fit Pit members. I’m glad to have known those who moved on and those I still get to workout with every week. Our members value our community, somewhat unique programming and our approach to fitness; twelve people have been members since the beginning, 13 years ago.

Can’t say enough about our coaches. Brett, Mike, Mika and Brian have moved on but were very important on this path. April, Ryan, Robbie and Claire continue the tradition of encouraging and educating our members — making everyone feel welcomed, valued and challenged.

Can’t leave out Robert, the 2017 MVFP (Most Valuable Fit Pit-er) who stepped in at a critical crossroad for our Fit Pit community, providing a new location and making the transition virtually seamless.

I’ll stop there, this list could get pretty long! Thirteen years ago I didn’t anticipate how rewarding coaching could be and the joy of seeing someone get their first pull up, nail a lifting PR, reach the top of the climbing rope, run their first 5K at age 60, get a muscle up…. Seeing someone accomplish something they never dreamed possible is one of the coolest things — ever!

Thank you to everyone who played a part in the success of the Fit Pit!

Written by: Sheryl Hammontree