What to eat. When to eat.

As a coach, you’d think most of the questions I’m asked would relate to exercise; however, questions relating to food and nutrition have always outnumbered any inquiry to movement.  Typically, the questions begin when a member makes the connection between nutrition and performance. It doesn’t take long for members to

Lucky Seven

No fooling, today, April 1, marks seven years that Joel and I have owned the Fit Pit. In some ways, it feels like maybe 3 or 4 years have gone by and in other ways it feels like I’ve been doing this my entire life. As I locked up after

Snack Attack

About once a week I ‘m asked, “What are some good snack ideas?” and then begins my personal take on….. snacks…. Society, the media, marketing, or whoever else we’d like to blame… maybe coaches for kid’s sports… have somehow convinced us that a snack is a special moment warranting a

Boy Push Ups & Girl Push Ups

The goal for training movements should be executing through a full range of motion (ROM). To do anything else robs you of the opportunity to improve your mobility, power and strength.  If you’re unable to execute the movement properly, using a full ROM, then modifications should be made to allow

Bad Ass Birthday Party

Turning 50 is kind of a big deal. First, the possibility life could be more than half over sets off a cascade of introspective questions regarding accomplishments to date, and, what the heck you’re going to do in an effort to remain relevant, now that you’re receiving love letters from


No doubt, it’s cool to train hard and get faster at the workout of the day (WOD), who doesn’t want a fast “Fran” or 2K row!? But the very best part of being fit is having the ability to step outside the gym and DO something with your fitness and