I’ve been a member of the Fit Pit since 2005. Previously, I belonged to a couple smaller gyms as well as two “globo gyms” and based upon my experience, the training we receive at The Fit Pit has brought greater results than anything from the other facilities.

Being owners of multiple businesses and having a child involved in sports keeps our family constantly in motion. What I enjoy most about The Fit Pit is we can get in, get a great workout and get out in about 30 minutes. Coach Sheryl has done a terrific job bringing together the right coaches, equipment and amount of space to keep it motivating and fresh without having to wait around to get started. Everyone at The Fit Pit wants you to be successful, there are no attitudes or intimidation, only positive encouragement from everyone.

I’m in my mid-forties and feel I’m in about the best shape of my life. All I have to do is GET THERE and the rest is simple.