Hailey Hunter
Throughout my six years of going to the Fit Pit, I have become mentally and physically stronger. The Fit Pit is the tightest community I have ever been apart of, and is where I go to not only work out, but to be with the members of the gym. Sheryl is my role model, and has been there for me through everything. I have not just become a better athlete, but a better person because of the Fit Pit family.

Margo Hunter
There are two things I love most about The Fit Pit. The first thing is the people, there are many different types of people that work out here and they are all nice. Everyone encourages everyone to reach their goals. The second is how great the work outs make me feel. Right after you finish a work out you feel so accomplished and happy. The Fit Pit is my second home and the members are like my family.